Argo United got FOURTH place!

Yes, Argo United managed to get fourth for the Ethnic Soccer competition held in Upper Hutt, Wellington. The competition consist of 16 teams of different nationalities. Argo United was joined by friends of Argo.

Out of six of the games played, Argo or Eurasian as we were called for the competition, manage to grab three wins and that managed to get us through till the semi finals and played for the third and fourth placement. Unfortunately many of us were no able to play for the final game because the fixture was changed which explains the fourth placing.

Overall we all played very well as a team and exceeded everybody's expectation as we started off as the underdog. Our biggest thanks to Argo trustees, Argonauts friends and all those who have support our team throughout the competition. Till we battle again on the field. Thanks.


Frys (visit their site)

Go Argo United! We look forward to more games in the future!