Argo Weekend M.O.V.E Program-By David Nicholson

For a couple of years now, Argo has been using the M.O.V.E program. This came from America and stands for Mobility Opportunities Via Education. Just this year, Argo purchased a walking device recommended by M.O.V.E which has helped both Aiden and Marty to develop skills on the way to being able to walk.

M.O.V.E has a breakthrough two weeks ago when Scott, learning to sit unsupported, managed to do this this for 27 minute! The longest previous sit was 10 minutes. What is most remarkable is that during those 27 minutes I have never seen Scott so alert, turning his head in both direction and searching with his eyes. M.O.V.E claim is that once a person learns to balance, other learning abilities come much more readily because the act of keeping balance "fires" other parts of the brain which otherwise would lie dormant. What Scott did demonstrate that move really does work.

by David Nicholson

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