Argo Trust ChristChurch Fundraising

The residents and staff of Argo took part in the Great Christchurch Bake-Off on Monday, February 28th. The aim of the Bake Off is to provide the quake affected people of Christchurch with much needed food, love and support. Most of the food and toys were collected in the morning by the event organisers and a bake sale was held at 10am to raise money.

Argo stepped up for the occasion and two large boxes full of favourites such as choc chip cookies, banana cake, brownies and a variety of tasty cupcakes were baked by staff and residents.

Additionally, staff and residents took part in the Victoria University Association Football Club fund-raising Raffle with all profits going to Red Cross Christchurch Appeal.

VUWAFC has organised a torunament to be held at the brand new Boyd Wilson Turf on Friday, March 4th from 530pm onwards. All proceeds will be donated to the Christchurch Appeal.

Argo would like to extend their support and love to all affected in one way or another by this tragic event.

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