Autism New Zealand Conference: Making the Connections

Jadwyn, Loretha and I (Sean) was given the opportunity to go down to Christchurch and attend the Autism New Zealand Conference: Making the Connections. The conference was held on the 12-14th September at Hotel grand Chancellor.

The conference was attended by many inspiring speakers and presenters from New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States. Theere were many lectures and discussions around the Autism spectrum and Asperger syndrome.

Now formality aside, there were a lot of things that we have learned at the conference: awareness, dignified risk, and sensory sensitivity were highly discussed by the three of us. The experience was a breath of fresh air for me personally knowing that there were alot of people beside the wonderful people of Argo that shares our aspiration especially in regards to increasing awareness and dignified risk (I use to call it exploring boundaries but hey whichever scratches the itch).

I personally would like to share this experience with anyone who is interested and I'm Loretha and jadwyn feels the same as well. Loretha might bite but I wont. Jadwyn just has the flu. Anyways, its nice sharing this information to whoever is reading it. Till then peace and love to everyone.

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