The Nasty Winter bug!

The sun is beginning to shine in the land of Argo. The past one month Argo's dealing with some nasty bug which got a lot of Argonauts and staff sick. Due to this, there has not been alot of exciting activities happening at Argo.

This week is looking different though. Situations are looking up and Argo is picking up pace. You can hear screams and shouts!( happy ones of course) instead of horrible coughs and silence due to everyone being in bed. I for one am glad that now I have the energy to work with Leigh again to develop this blog.

I'm sure Leigh shares the same sentiment as I would like to apologise for the lack of updates on Argo's and resident blog. Things will only look better from now on, and that is our wish. Till then expect more to come on each residents blog, where will begin with improving the layout with little posting. After that phase is done it will be the other way around. Leigh and I are happy to hear your opinion and suggestions on improving Argo's online adventure. You can do that by dropping a comment at the bottom of each posting. Need futher directions, just call leigh ;). I'm sure he'll be more than happy to help. Till then peace and love everyone.

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