Thank you Guliano and Flo!

Well, here we are again saying more farewells to staff that have left Argo for greener pastures.
Giuliano Serrao and Florence Fudakowska have been a huge part of the life of Argo and we will never be able to replace such amazing people. We want to thank them for all their contribution towards the resident’s lives, families and colleagues over the years of their employment.
We extend our sincerest desire that they would continue to spend time at Argo and join in any functions that will be happening.
Giuliano will continue to play for Argo United, so we will get to see the lil Italian on a regular basis!
We know that Giuliano and Flo will flourish in all their future endeavours and we wish them all the best.
Thanks guys.
Check out the photos below of our two stars


James Butt/ Jimmy Stearn (visit their site)

James also left... remember? :-0 How7s argo going? Hope all is well! if you're interested in my life in Japan :-)