Argo United Goes Professional!

We are very excited to announce the completion of the Argo United Designer Football Strip.

Over the last 3 years Argo has been involved in playing five-aside football with a large number of international staff who love the beautiful game. We play both mixed and men’s leagues during the summer months and then a cultural tournament during the winter.

We are really excited to now have our own designer kit as a team.

A huge thank you must go out to everyone who has been involved in the creation of Argo United over the years. We say a special thank you to Dennis O’Brien – owner of Slow Boat Records - for investing in a championship winning side, even though he claims to be a rugby man! Dennis has frequently watched us play and we appreciate his continuous support and we hope to do Slow Boat proud. We also say a special thank you to Jade Oliver who designed the Argo United logo with the assistance of Giuliano & Ange Serrao. Finally, we would’nt be where we are now without the residents and other faithful supporters.

We will keep everyone updated on any upcoming tournaments but until then.....Go Man United!!

P.S - We are now looking into designing some Argo clothes.....stay posted!


kleer (visit their site)

I think you need to get a scarf designed for the supporters who come and watch the game!!